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It's become necessary (for good reasons, no drama) to go Friends-Only! Comment to be added!

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Hi, I stumble across your journal and saw we had a few mutual interests and friends. If it’s okay I thought I would add you - feel free to add me if you want.

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Will do! I don't update as often as I'd like to these days (1-2x per week), but I'm always happy to have friends! :)

Got your note

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You are such a love. You are quite the accomplished stalker to find me on here, since I haven't updated in years. lol

Re: Got your note

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And by "You are such a love.", you mean "I'm a little creeped out", right? I promise I was just bored kitten-sitting this weekend! ;-)

Besides, it was just nice to know you used to write on here! Made me smile!